Physique booty building

Do you want

a better booty?

Building a really nice booty is extremely difficult.

So most women don’t get the results they want.

The Glute Guy can help!

Years ago, the famous physique coach, Bret Contreras, realized that most people failed to get the booty they wanted because they were training their glute muscles incorrectly. To remedy this, he invented the hip thrust exercise.

Since then, hundreds of figure athletes, bikini competitors and normal men and women have testified to the remarkable results they have achieved by following Bret’s advice.

What do others say?

I'm a hip thrust junkie and attribute my booty to hip thrusting! I love to hip thrust with bands at home. It's so much quicker than setting up with a barbell at the gym, but still a great workout! I'm in love with my Hip Thruster, it's my obsession! Allison Rattay

The Hip Thruster has completely changed the shape and density of my glutes. It is by far my favorite piece of equipment. IFBB Pro Karey Northington

In only two months of hip thrusting with bands, my glutes are back to their previous best shape, but the workouts I perform off of the Hip Thruster take me a fraction of the time. I'm excited to see what I'll look like in two more months. Better results in less time is a huge win in my book! Gabrielle Dana

I won my IFPA bikini pro card, thanks in no small part to this ingenious apparatus! since I purchased the Hip Thruster, my glute training game has been taken to a whole new level. Sohee Lee

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